Formation Ground School

The class will be held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, March 3rd at the Cactus Fly-In. Attendees are encouraged to preregister by February 4th, 2023 to assure a seat in the class, but walk-ins will be welcomed on the day of the class. Registration can be completed by contacting Kurt Gearhart at or by calling (480 329-1936). Refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the class.

This course is designed to be a refresher for current formation pilots and an introduction for new general aviation pilots. Formation flight does not require a separate FAA endorsement or certification.  FAST certification is only required to fly formation in FAA wavered airspace.  No certificate will be provided with the course as it will not provide the prerequisite FAST ground training specific to your FAST Signatory (unless your instructor is present to validate the requirements of your Signatory).  No flying will be scheduled with this course.   I am a current Formation and Safety Training Pilot carded as a Safety/Check pilot by the JLFC Signatory.   

The training will be a power point presentation with motivational formation videos. It covers the general aspects of formation flying applicable to all aircraft, an introduction to FAST Signatory procedures with emphasis toward liaison aircraft (Stearman, L-1, Biplanes an other small slower aircraft).   This course is not a substitute for a formation instructor.  A notebook will be provided with the course to facilitate your understanding of formation and a guide to resources needed to learn to fly formation.

Kurt Gearhart is an experienced instructor pilot who has taught formation in the T-37, F-16, Glasair as well as Stearman and other liaison aircraft.

He is listed on the website link as a Formation Safety Pilot.   Kurt Gearhart JLFC # 0041