There will be one award in 2020: The People’s Choice

We ask that fly-in participants register their aircraft at the fly-in for People’s Choice judging by emailing the following information to

Information to include:

  • owner name
  • home airfield
  • aircraft make and model
  • year manufactured
  • history or other details
  • a digital photo of their airplane which will be included on the website


2020 Entrants

1942 Ryan PT-22
Dandy Don
Chandler, AZ
1947 Cessna 140

Chandler, AZ 85224
Super Stearman
Michael Lewellyn
HE-1 MedEvac Cub
Michael Graves

Harmon Rocket
John Pew
1953 Cessna 180
Fred Borns

Bill Llewellyn
Bill Llewellyn
Super C150
Arlo Watkin
Arlo Watkin
Arlo Watkin
1944 Stearman PT-13D
Dave Earl
Coolidge, AZ

1956 T-34A
Glenn Anderson
Sandia Park, NM
1960 Bellanca 14-19-3
Brent Taylor
Blakesburg, IA

1941 Boeing Stearman B75N1 (N2S-3)
Robert L. & D’Marie Simon
Del Mar, CA
1946 Aeronca 11AC Chief
Jerry W. Furnas
San Diego, CA
Cessna 195
Lee Maxson
Piper J-2 Cub
Lee Maxson
Lee Maxson
1940 Waco YKS-7
Steve Fulton
Arlington, WA (KAWO)
Karl Johanson
San Diego
Aeronca Champ
Larry Perkins
Chandler, AZ

1953 Cessna 180
Carl Geisert
Chandler AZ
Meyers 145
Joe Sottile